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Haircutting Story: Nightmare (English)

Thank you, Stefan, for your story!

Author, Stefan from Germany

It was bright in her bathroom. For the light were energy saving lamps in the top and above the mirror. White tiling covered the walls, just interupted of a blue bordure. The beige colored door was closed.
She stood there and looked into the mirror.
Her beautyfull face was an eye candy, symmetric with cheak bones. Big brown eyes like a deer, a cute snub nose, at the moment not with a septum piercing like she used to wear.
She had a full lip mouth with a piercing on her underlip.
Her long beautyfull hair growed down to her waist. Usually she wore it pinned-up or with braids, fixed on the sides with hair clasps.
For her beauty she was unsatisfied, therefore she wanted to change something.
"My hair! It has to be gone right now!" she thought and opened a drawer in her commode, made of pine wood. There were scissors, a brush and the clippers.
All aboard for the big change.
She worked with the brush into her hair. First on the left side, than on the right and at last on the back.
The brush did hurt sometimes, because of the long hair. It could seen in her face while she brushed it.
Her boy friend Johny always pleased her to let her hair grow long, and she did it for him, untill they were down to her waist.
But this will be over now. She still loved Johny, but she wanted to do her own thing and change her style how she wanted to do.
The brush falled down on the floor. She didn't need it any more.
She took the scissors and began on the left side the first haircut.
She waited a second. There could not be seen very much, because the long beautyfull mane covered the lack of hair.
Than she continued with the next hair and cut it off.
Strand for strand of it fell down on the floor. On the left side the hair was short, most ½ inch, sometimes longer.
Now she began to cut it up in the front and on the top, untill it looks similar to the rest.
On the floor there was a lot of hair. She continued on the right side with the scissors. Her head looked absurd with the closed cropped mane, but her face made it still beautyfull.
Now it was time for the hair in the back. "Snip snap" and the hair is gone.
On her head only short hair was left with different length. On several spots you could see her scalp, some strands of hair were longer.
She threw the scissors on the floor, because she didn't need it any more.
She began with the clippers, without a clipper comb, to cut it all off on the left side, untill there was left only a few stubbles.
Than she did the same on the other side. A little bit hair was left from the top to the back, like a mohawk, two fingers broad, spotty and nearly bald.
She started with the clippers on the back and cut it all off. Than she runned with it in the front and cut the rest of her former gorgeous mane.
Now there were only a few faint stubbles left.
On the commode there was a set of razors and shaving foam, she bought before.
She did a little bit of the foam in her hand and spreaded it on her head slowly, untill the stubbles were covered by a foam blanked.
Now she stropped with the razor on her head. Sometimes had to do it several times because the stubbles didn't want to fade away.
A second time she spreaded the foam on her head because the first shave was not thorough enough.
Afterwards she was completely bald.
Her scalp was a little bit brighter than her face, because the sun didn't shine on it through the former mane.
With a towel she removed the rest of the foam untill it was really clean.
Than she looked into the mirror. She looked beautyfull, even bald because of her gorgeous oval face suitable to everything.
Her grimaces made her laughing. She pursed her full lips by feel her lip piercing did hurt a little bit but it didn't matter because it was usual.
She was satisfied with her new look.
"It looks lot better!" she recognized and smiled.
As time went by it was late in the evening. She decided to change her hairstyle just before it was time to go to bed.
The next day she had to get out early to went to the school. She was stressed at the moment because it was time for examination.
She cleaned her white teeth and went to bed by not knowing, what kind of nightmare should wait for her tonight...

The Dream (She told us...)

" I waked up in the morning, remembering I cut off my hair the day before and recognized, they were long again. I looked into the mirror and saw, my hair looked like before. I consulted the watch and there was time left to cut it all off again. I didn't want to went to school with that hair at all. With the clippers I began to cut first the hair in the front untill there were only faint stubbles left. Then the hair on both sides shorn down. A fringe of waist long hair was left (laughing).
I pulled the hair on the left side and runned with the clippers from buttom up until my ear could be seen. I pulled a little bit on my ear to make it possible with the clippers to clean behind it. I didn't waste time to cut the rest.
Time was left to remove the stubbles, I did with the razor.
At last I was bald again! I took a shower and went to school. In the school bus, the others looked at me. Well, I looked different.
After arriving in the classroom, somebody talked to me. – You cut your hair short! –
Why short? I shaved my head completely bald! I thought.
But they growed back again. After the 7/8 class hour they were down to my shoulders. After arriving at home, I currently cut it all off again with the clippers. With the razor, I shaved my head 3 or 4 times to make it real clean.
It took a little bit longer time, but I felt the stubbles came back in the evening I removed again with the razor.
In the next morning the waist long mane was back again. I currently cut it all off and shaved it smooth. I didn't understand, why they did grow back so fast. I didn't want that hair back. I wanted to keep it shaved.
So I had to shave my head 2 times a day. I tryed it with hair removal cream to keep it smooth, without succes. At last I shaved it 3 times a day: in the morning, in the afternoon after coming home and in the evening before going to bed. Each time, I had to cut waist long hair to bald, because they did grow back so fast, but they stopped always grow, when they were waist long. The others were wondering, why I came to school sometimes with long hair, with short hair and sometimes even bald. I didn't try to explain, because I didn't know myself, why they did grow so fast. Each time, I cut it all off anyway..."

When she waked up in the next morning, she touched her head to get to know, her former waist long hair didn't grow back during the night.
When she touched her scalp, she felt reassured.
In the bathroom, in front of the mirror, she looked at her new style.
Before she cleaned her teeth, she let water into the vanity basin, got the shaving foam, the razor and shaved her head...

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