haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,


Here's a preview photo from Kate's Hair Singeing video:

I'm just 3 minutes into this video right now.  In about ten minutes I'll be getting ready for the 10 am video Button Curlers and fingerwaving shoot.  I finished setting up everything last night.  This morning when I was setting up my cameras, I stepped into water.  Much of the floor was covered in water.  :(  Dragging the ShopVac from the garage, helped.  I finished drying the floor and cables with towels.  I guess my next project will be having the plumbing redone.   :(

I *may* update this blog after today's video shoot, depending how busy I am.  Otherwise, there's always tomorrow.  :)

Tags: button curlers, hair singeing, kate, photo, video shoot, wet floor

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