haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

Nancy Hair Cartoon and Jee Lee's baldy shirt

Thank you, Greg, for sending me today's hair themed Nancy comic strip.

direct link is:

While re-arranging some rooms for the workers to repair my house on Monday, I found a T-shirt that Jee Lee wore a year or so ago.

Photos of her in this pink shirt can be found on the HCF Facebook's album:

The shirt is a size M and is 100% cotton.  I believe that it's a Men's size Medium.  Would anyone be interested in purchasing it?  Shipping would be $4.00 within the USA and the same amount outside the USA too.  If there's no interest, I'll auction it off at the head shaving event later this month.

Info for that can be found at

I also found a bunch of Jee Lee's hair in Toni curlers too (as seen in her "Severe Changes" video).  I'll let that go best offer as well.  Also, I found a lock of my hair when it was red for my head shave video, "Kat's Head Shave in Stages."  I put that into the baggie with Jee Lee's hair and curlers.  Shipping will depend on location.

Tags: cartoon, event, for sale, jee lee, lock of hair

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