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Jaclyn's Bob nearly done

I'm excited -- Jaclyn's bob haircut is done being edited.  Since now I'm using three cameras, I no longer have room to attach my AKSF logo, so videos, starting with the perm machine video will be sans logo.  I'm now syncing all sound to one audio track to avoid different changes in sound, when using different footage. 

Jaclyn's video is very cool.  I love all the methods used to create her hairstyle: twisting hair, iron, hand-held hair dryer, ceiling mounted hair dryer, lot of hairspray, scissors, and the lovely shampoo bowl nearly sitting on the floor which allows the client to lay back as if on a bed.  Such a hip salon.  :)

Oh, and after the credits is Jaclyn's close ups and long shots.  The main body of the video has a story:  the hurried actress stopping by to have her hair done, only to rush out immediately afterwords to attend lunch with her director.  (Actually, Jaclyn is a real actress and had to have this haircut done because she had to be on the set the next day!!!  And the script called for the actress to have a Jessica Parker bob.  So everything worked out perfectly.)


I'll probably start editing Kate' hair singeing video on Monday or so.  I need to get my salon ready for Sunday's video shoot.  This video will have a 1950's theme.  Green Button Curlers will be used to create dreamy pin curls.  Then our model will have fingerwaves done as well.

Oh, before I forget, I know once I have this video done, people will be asking where they can buy Button Curlers.  Besides, if you like bidding, the only place that I found was  The pink Button Curlers are huge!  I think the green ones are the same size as the ones in the 1950s.  Does anyone know?

Well, the salon floor needs to be swept and mopped, furniture arranged, microphone mounted, wireless lav mic tested, and a thousand and one other things.  I'll be busy doing all of these this weekend.

Now I'm off to render Jaclyn's video, and I promised my husband that I'd help paint.
Tags: bob haircut, button curlers, hair singeing, jaclyn, video shoot

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