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Someone wrote in to complain that I never have web cam while I shooting haircuts anymore.  The reason for this is unfortunately because most of the models scheduled for a haircut video either don't show up or come in late.  When this happens while the web cam is going, I then receive complaints about the late or no show models.

I am hoping with my new phone later in the year, I'll be able to do tethering without an expensive price tag.  This way, when I'm getting my hair done, or if I have shoots on location, I can do web cam from there, because I know that I won't flake or show up late.  :)

If I continue to receive complaints about the web cam, I will just remove it from the website.  This won't be a big deal since I haven't used it in a few months anyway.

I had looked into streaming web cam a few months back, but I couldn't get it working on the lap top that I use.
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