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women don't need to donate their hair

Every so often, someone comments on a video or messages me directly, demanding that the woman who had her long hair cut off should donate it to charity, and if she doesn't, she's selfish, and/or a waste.  Wow, huh?

If the women want to donate their hair, they can.  But it's not like the need to do it.  Hair donation centers have more hair than they can process (so they end up throwing out a lot, sell it, or store it in a warehouse), so if a woman wants to sell or keep her hair, no one is going to miss it.

When someone tells me that the hair is only good for charity, I request that if they can't or won't grow their hair out to that length and give it to charity themselves, they cannot tell a woman to do the same.  I guess that if they are really adamant about the woman donating her locks to charity, that person could buy the hair from her, and then give the hair to charity.

I'm sorry, but I find this comment that woman should be forced to donate their hair rather insulting.  Women sacrifice so much already, especially mothers, that I cannot understand why some men are continue to demand even more from them.  It's the woman's hair, she grew it, she can do whatever she wants with it.  If she feels happier to leave the hair on the floor, so be it.  Sometimes hair can hold bad memories or a negative feeling that the woman would rather leave behind.  Life is about new experiences and new changes.  You can't grow or really live life if you continue to hold onto the past or negative feelings.

For those who think that hair is a waste if not given to charity, to be made into wigs, are ignorant to what else hair has to offer.  With hair you can:

* make jewelry and other artworks
* make mats to soak up oil
* educational usage for beauty schools
* keep the rabbits and other warm-blooded pests out of the garden
* create hair "rats"
* become the hair in real-life baby dolls

I'm sure that there are even more uses for hair, and I'd love to hear them (hair for cloning doesn't count since cloning people is yet illegal).

From now on, if someone leaves this remark about how the woman should have donated her hair, I'll be pasting this entry next to their comment.


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Apr. 5th, 2011 03:29 pm (UTC)
Uses for hair
Dear Kat,

I agree with it woman do not need to donate their hair.
They can cut it whenever they want.
It is old fashioned to think woman need long blonde barbe doll hair to be beautyfull.
I love the long AND the short of it and depends on type of woman what is suitable.

So you want to know, what else you can do with the clipped hair on the floor?
So I remember in school time to build a hair hygrometer to measure the room humidity. Especially womans long blonde hair are suitable to do this.
This is possible, because hair length does not depends on temperature but humidity.

Regards from germany :)

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