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Haircutting Story: Anna (English)

Thank you, Stefan, for your story!

(A side note to American readers - in Germany, it is custom to submit a head shot photo of yourself with your resume, when applying for a job).


Author, Stefan von Deutschland


Anna from germany lived with her grandmother, since her parents died in an accident long time ago.

She was just 18 years old and in education in an office.

Her application was not the best, but her picture was one of the decisive factor to get the job.

A beautyfull face, cheak bones, cute snub nose and full lips and also brown shoulder length hair, cut in a  straight line and left parted made her gorgeous and photogenic.

Her plucked eyebrowes were suitable to her brown eyes enlarged with eye shadow.

She liked her education, but she wanted to change something in her style.

She was tired of beeing regarded as a barbie doll.

Sometimes she enjoyed compliments, but she wanted to change.

What her granny would say to this? It didn't matter. She wouldn't understand.

She looked into the mirror and considered about what to do. How could it change?

It should be more daring and punk.

A Tattoo? Why not. Piercing and short hair. Yes! This should be.


Anna took on holiday for two days and went to a tattoo and piercing studio and started with a dragon tatto, the first part of it, allmost over the complete back.

The next day she continued with the piercings in her nose, a septum piercing with a ball closure ring, and for her lips.

The septum piercing did hurt, but she was a tough girl and woman can allways take a fair bit.

She clenched her teeth.

At home she looked into the mirror again and wasn't satisfied, because of her dark loose shoulder lenth hair for a plain and boring look.

To colour and cut could be ok. But she wanted to do it herself.

Via internet she bought a hair clipper, hair dye in several colours of green, pink and purple, because a standard hair colour was ineligible.

If she wanted do a mohawk with smooth shaved sides, she bought a razor and shaving foam.

"Hmmm that's too daring, I can't go in the office with it. My boss is killing me!" she thought and found out a solution of this problem.

She bought a short hair wig, ordinary, and she got no trouble.

Next day she went to work again. She removed the piercings for that time not to scare the others.

The tattoo could not be seen and so it was ok.

A few days later time came. When she arrived at home, a typical small town house in the edge of town, her granny came out of the kitchen and said:

"Anna, there is package for you. Did you buy something?"

Anna said "Yes".

She loved her granny, but she was old fashioned and sometimes nosy.

She was very excited.

"It's mine, granny. I'll open it upstairs." runnig upstairs in her room.











Her grandmother was hampered and was not able to go upstairs very often.

She ripped the package very hectically and impatient.

All aboard. The clippers, the wig, hair dye, the shaving foam and the razors.

"Anna! Dinners ready. Are you coming?" her granny called her and she was running downstairs very quickly.

"Be carefull!" the grandma warned her and Anna took a seat in the kitchen.

It was "Königsberger Klopse", an old fashioned german dish, made by Granny and she was a very very good cook.

But Anna was still thin and gorgeous. She was able to eat all things and didn't get fat.

She considered about the things in her room.

Thank god she had her own bath room. That luxury her granny had installed, as Anna came to her.

The grandmother used to use the bathroom downstairs because of her limp.

After she had finished to eat, time came for the makeover! She runned upstairs and put the things out of the package.

"Now my hair's gonna be to cut it off!" she thought and took the clippers into the bath room and looked into the mirror.

She was excited and her hard was beating. She was not quiet sure what to do.

She looked at it and considered about.

First choosing the 1/2 inch hair clipper comb, she installed it and connected the clippers for voltage.

After turning on a 50Hz zoom sound could be heard. She smiled and touched her long hair with her fingers.

"Where to start?" she thougt but found out a solution.

She turned the clippers of again and took some hair clasps and pinned up her hair in the top.

"Lot better!" she thought and runned with the clippers on the left side along straight at the hair line she pinned up before. She could feel her hair falling down. She wor a top and didn't lay a towel over her shoulders in avoiding to get dirty.

"Doesn't matter!" she thought and continued with the clippers.

After finishing the ½ inch haircut on the left side she continued on the other side.

She runned with the clippers a little bit straight the line and stopped it suddenly, looked at the hair clipper and thought "Fucking clipper comp!" and removed it.

Than she did it without a clipper comp. The stubbels, left from the clippers, were such faint you could see her scalp.

"Lot better." she thought and continued untill it was all done even behind the right ear.

The left side had to be shorn bald, because it was not finished and on ½ inch length.

"Let's go the whole hog!" she thought and runned with the clippers over the short haired side untill her scalp could be seen.

"Awesome mohawk. But nothing special." she thought and laid the clippers down.

She removed the hair clasps and let her hair falling down.

Her scalp was almost covered by her hair, but she could see that it was bald.

"It is too much!" she thought by looking on the wig should cover her daring punk hair style afterwarts in the office and rummaged in it with her fingers to pin up a part of it again.

She took a comb and divided her hair in two parts. The hair in the front she fixed with hair clasps to the middle of the top of her head and let the rest fall down in the back.

"Here we go!" she thought, took the clippers and started to cut it off in the back, only faint stubbles could be seen. Now there was only a stripe hair left on the top in the old length.

But, as she let it fall down, it could not cover the sides again.

She took the scissors by upholding her hair and cut it short to 5 inch.

Then she took again the clippers and cut it conical to the back and the stripe became a triangle with one angle to the middle of the top of her head.

"Lot better." she thought and laid the clippers down.

Now the took the shaving foam and lathered her head on the shorn areas.

With the razor she started on the sides, then in the back and at the end very carefully along the hair triangle on her top head.

The faint stubbled did fade away and Annas head was bald except the hair triangle.

She looked to the hair dyes and choosed the pink.

She made it wet and rubbed the colour in the dark hair and did waiting.

Fortunately her grandma didn't disturb, because she didn't want to leave the bathroom now.

Waiting time was over, removed the hair dye and the dark hair was changed into a jazzy pink.

Now time came to check out the wig.

With a hair clasp she fixed the pink coloured hair to the back and checked the wig.

With the bangs she covered the rest of her own hair, on the sides, the sideburns, she combed in front of the ears and in the back it's got to set a little bit.

"Perfect!" she was satisfied and removed the wig she needed first the next day.

Now it was time for the piercings and to clean the floor from the clipped off hair.

She had to show it to her grandma, because she would recognize it sooner or later.

She runned downstairs, with a hand on her scalp, then in the rest of her hair.

"Granny, I cut off my hair."

She was shocked!

"Why did you do it? You had so beautyfull hair!" she moaned and did not agree with it.

But Anna didn't care because it was already known.

"It's my hair. I need it!" she anwered.

"What about your job? What will your boss say to it?" she warned her but Anna had a solution to avoid trouble because of this.

"I've got a wig on it. So it can not be seen and I've just got a short hair style." she said.

Her grandma couldn't believe that she did it.

"Such a beautyfull hair." she moaned and said to Anna, not to forget the wig and to remove the piercings will be not allowed in the office.

"No problem! I'll watch TV and go to bed."

After these words she runned upstairs and turned on her TV.

While watching TV she touched her head. Her hair was a ideal toy if she would get nervous.


The next day, the response to her short hair was differing. Her coworker said, it was beautyfull, not knowing it was not her own hair.

The boss said, he would prefer her brown shoulder length hair she had before.


A few days later she looked again in the mirror. She had shaved her head scrupulously every day to avoid that ugly stubbles. But her hair triangle was unsuitable.

Once again she took the clippers and cut the triangle from both sides to a stripe as thick as a finger from the front to the middle of her top head.

She removed the stubbles, there once was hair, could be seen after finishing the clipper cut, immediatly with a razor.

Than she coloured a part of the rest of her hair from pink to green, so the stripe became more colourful.

Afterwards she fixed her hair with gel up to get a smal and short mohawk with five inch hair lenth. Now she was even more punk and daring.

Her grandma saw it in the evening and thought, that it was a temporary fad of her granddoughter.


In the office, she was still the plain Anna with the wig. One day she did not recognize in the morning that there could be seen a little bit of her pink-green hair under the wig.

She recognized it first on the toilett by looking into the mirror, but no one else did recognize. She corrected it.


The next weekend she looked into the mirror to check out her hairstyle.

It should not happen again, that her own hair, the rest of it, could be seen under the wig.

She took a hair clasp and fixed a strand of hair as thick as a finger in the middle of her top head. Then she began to cut the hair in the front to the fixed hair with the clippers to make the rest hair area even smaller.

Afterwards she lathered her head and began to shave on the sides, back and in front, were there once was hair.

Very carefully she shaved her head with the razor around the rest hair to avoid to shave it accidentally.

She looked for another hair dye, she had in a bag, to find out somthing suitable and wanted to change the colour of her hair again. Now from green-pink to a pale pink, not such a jazzy colour. She coloured only a part of it she fixed again with a hair clasp.

After waiting time the green pink changed into an ugly and pale pink with a little bit of green.

Anna was very satisfied. More punk and daring was not possible.

Her grandma looked doubtfully at that daring hairstyle.

"Your hair is getting less." she recognized.

"It's my business, Granny" Anna moaned.

This weekend, she wanted to go to a discotheque with her girl friend and called her.

She hadn't seen her in that punk style yet.

She wor a top, a jeans and high heels and did make up on her beautyfull face.

Her big brown eyes even more with eye shaddow, the lipps with a wine-red lipstick.

She plucked her eyebrowes carefully, to be suitable to her new look.

Not to forget the piercings: ball closure ring for her nose and and the lip piercing.

Then she tottered to the door.

"Granny, I'll go to Ira. For discotheque." she said and exited.


"What have you done, Anna?" girl friend Ira said as she arrived, standing in front of the door as a girly punk or whatever you would call it.

"My hair is gone." she answered with a smile.

"You're crazy, but even this is suitable to you. Everything is suitable to your face." Ira said envious.

"Thank you." she appreciated the compliment.

"And in the office?"

"... I've got a wig. No one did recognized it yet. But I've got more."

She turned around and Ira could see her dragon tattoo.

"Wooooow, it's cool. I would do it too, but I'm not as daring as you." and looked particularly at her tattoo.

Both went to the discotheque and Anna got really a lot of attention.

A few guys looked amazed. Others admired her courage to cut her hair in that style.

"I did it myself." she said and plucked with her fingers in that little bit hair.

A guy moaned he don't like punk and bald headed girls and looked away in disgust.

She didn't care because she had a lot of admires, even in her new style.

In the next week, as time went by, she shaved her head every day, except one, she didn't have time for it. She recognized it in the next day, a few stubbles growed back she removed at the evening immediatly after coming home.

In the morning she must not forget her wig.

Her hair could not be seen any more under the wig because it wasn't long enough to the front.

She shaved it on the sides, back, front and around the strand of hair.

She did it with the razor very carefully.


In the next weekend she looked into the mirror again, the bald areas and the strand of hair left in the middle of the top of her head.

"Let's see, if I can make it even smaller." she thought.

She took once again a hair clasp and divided it. It was a hard work, because it was so small she was not able to get it through the hair clasp. But fortunately it succeeded once more.

She took the clippers and cut the hair out of the clasp.

She removed it. The last hair was straggly and looked like a hair parody.

It was splitted because of often colour changing.

She began to cut it all around with the clippers to make it smaller and smaller.

It seemed to be absurd, because the hair clipper was a huge munster to the pathetic rest of her hair left on her head.

"Now I'm tired of it! All done!" she thought and runned with the clippers over the top and avoided further hard work with that strang of hair.

Only a few stubbles left now where once was that hair.

Then she lathered her head and shaved her head with a razor.

Now she reached the point she wanted to be: bald.

At the dinner her granny looked at her and recognized that she didn't have hair any more.

"Do you want to grow back your beautyfull hair?" she asked.

She hoped Anna would change her mind and let it grow back.

She did not untill today.

But it did not change anything in relationship between Anna and her granny because they need each other.

The Grandmother needed Anna because she was hampered and Anna needed granny because she was so young...

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