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new video

I just got done uploading the last miniDV tape to my computer of Jaclyn's bob haircut.  Here's a photo that I pulled from the video:

Because I haven't started editing the video yet, I don't know if this footage will be in the final cut or not; I always try to choose the best shots.  But I'm sure there will be similiar shots in the video.  :)

Earlier this morning I created a new page on the website: How-To Manuals.  This page will feature my old manuals and instructions from the 1940s-1950s.  Some of these manuals are extremely rare.  

Also, there will be hairstyle instructions too, because this way I can refer the stylists that I hire to check there in case they never did that type of hairstyle or method before.

I hope to mount my webcam in my studio today.  What I may do is to have the webcam run while I'm filming.  Just for fun, as I know some people are curious of what it would be like to be at an actual production.  I'll see if I can start a page that will feature the live show and then have a chatroom for those to chat while they watch, if they wish.  Of course, I will NOT be able to attend to either the webcam or chat, so if something happens with the webcam or chat, sorry!  But it's free, so you really can't complain (well, that's the saying anyway.  lol).

We'll give it a try.  If it doesn't work, we can just delete it from the website.

Oh, other things keeping me busy, I had to buy a new microphone cable as the one that I bought was too small.  :(  But no biggie, it might come it handy.

Before I forget, I'll try to work on the Jaclyn video this week.  I probably won't get to it tomorrow as one of my cats is missing part of his tail and needs to be brought in to the vet.  Poor thing.  He doesn't seem to be in pain, so that's the good thing.

Now I'm off to give my husband a haircut.
Tags: bob haircut, instructions, jaclyn, microphone, webcam

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