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Haircutting Story: Impatient

Thank you, Stefan, for your story.  This is the English version of the German version that I'll be posting today.

Jane can't wait

 Author: Stefan from Germany

She did remember exactly.

It was in an appartment of a guy friend in the top floor. She was not allone because other guy friends were aboard.

She loved extrem short hair, was actual bald.

Her shoulder length hair was shorn down long time ago, like this style and kept it this way.

She sat between all that guys, bald headed, and they don't even know her with hair.

They were playing poker. Not for big money, but for cent or actions, if money was not available for the looser .

She had 5 cards in her hand and it seemed to be a good game for her.

Torsten laid money on the table. Only those both were in the running.

Jane wanted to go with it but there was no cent available to her.

"Any suggestions what to do if I loose it, guys?" she asked and looked into her hand.

"Your hair. I want you to let your hair grow back for 18 month." Torsten said.

Jane considered about to become long haired again.

"Does anybody else say I should do that?" she asked again and the other guys did agree.

"But probably I don't have to do it. Okay. Let's see." she asked Torsten.

He laid his cards on the table. It was a full house with two seven and three aces.

"Shit!" She threw her cards on the table and was angry.

Torsten smiled.

"Let your hair grow back. I'm in suspense how you look with it in 18 month."

he said and drank a beer.


That game was 18 month ago and the next day it's over. She can finally cut that hair.

She was 5"3' height with a gorgeous thin figure. Her legs are not even 40 inch long but she is beautyfull anyway.

She has got a lot of tattoos on her left shoulder and arms makes her daring.

She was a dark complexioned girl like latinos or turks, never went into a tanning salon.

Her beautyfull face was oval, cheak bones and a sweet snub nose, a mouth with full lips, brown eyes and actual long black hair she fixed with hair clasps on the sides in the back with a topknot.

If she wor it loose, it was six inch longer than her shoulders. Her hair growed very fast back and it was longer than she ever had.

She had never been in a hair salon this time or cut it short and so she didn't want to wear it like loose hair because there was no style in it, simply long and boring.

She was looking forward for the next day to get rid of it...

Jane didn't have waste of time. She didn't have to work that day and was on the way to the next hair salon, opened the door and took a seat in the waiting area. In a few minutes she could finally cut that long hair off.

She did a little bit make up like wine red lipstick for her mouth and eyeshadow. It was not necessary to do more, because of her beautyfull face.

She looked in the mirror on the opposite.

There sat a young girl and an old man beside her.

They were first, so she had got to be patient.

"The next one" the hairdresser said and the young girl got up and went to the hairdressers chair. She told him, she just want to be cut a little bit of that long hair.

It should not be a long time procedure, Jane thought and did waiting for her haircut.

Then it was time for the old man's haircut and was the next one in the chair.

"Just cut it short on the sides and shave in the neck, but longer on the top."

Jane looked into the mirror again and considered about her hair.

She took a magazin not to get impatient.

"The next one." said the hairdresser after finishing the young girl.

Jane got a little bit nervous because she didn't know his reaction of her favorite hairstyle: bald.

"What kind of haircut would you like?" the hairdresser asked as usual to do the right haircut for the customers.

"I want to be bald." she said, smiled a little bit cheeky, because she did know, that this is a dramatic makeover and it was daring.

"Sure? Do you really want to go all the way?" he asked again and thought about a joke but Jane said "Yes". She was decided, to go back to the bald head at the end of 18 month without headshaving and ready to do it.

The hairdresser removed the hair clasps at the front and the sides and the topknot in the back. He could see, how long it was, combed it and considered about her hair.

"Does it grow for a while right now? When did you get your last haircut?" he wanted to know.

"Long time ago. I used to do it myself. Is it in such a bad condition?"

"No. Not at all. You've got such beautyfull hair. It's such a shame. I could cut it a little bit and wash. Just for standard price. Afterwards you can decide to go all the way."

Jane considered about that.

"No thank you. But if you want to waste your time..... at the end you've got to cut it all off."

she said not really no and the hairdresser took the chance to give her a beautyfull long haircut to change her mind.

He cut it a little bit to get a line.

She looked boredly into the mirror and watched the hairdressers work.

She rolled her eyes.

"Why do you only cut a little bit?"

"I thought you agree with it I cut it a little bit first, if I want to waste my time." he answered.

"I'm not sure. I want you to cut it all-up! Why don't you do it now?" she got impatient.


"A headshave. Right now. Bald. Comprende?" she answered and talked to him very slowly word by word as if he wasn't be able to understand even the simplest things.

But the hairdresser continued with the haircut.

After finishing it, he got the washbowl and washed her hair.

"I use a special shampoo for it. You'll get more volume in your hair." and lathered her hair with his fingers untill it was full of shampoo.

Jane recognized that but it didn't change her mind.

The hairdresser waited a little bit and finished to wash her hair.

Afterwards he took the blower and started to dry it.

After a while Jane became impatient.

"I'm now tired of it. You just have to cut it all off and shave it smooth." she said a little bit roughly.

"Oh yes." he said and continued with the blower.

"Is this what you're doing right now?" she asked and didn't want to wait any longer.

"Actually no." he answered.

As her hair was dry at last, he combed it again.

"You have to shave my head." she said, softly and sufferingly but he said, he wanted to finish it first.

The hairdresser did a good job and the result was beautyfull.

Her voluminous long hair was beautyfull and was left parted and combed to the back, so her forehead can be seen. It was gorgeous. He removed the cape.

"It is done. I think it's beautyfull. Do you still want to cut it all off?" he commented and smiled a little bit and wanted her to get up, go around and look into the mirror.

Bugged Jane got out of the chair and looked into the mirror. She wor a top, so her tattoos can be seen and a blue jeans.

The hairdresser held a second mirror to make it possible to her to check it out all around.

Although she was decided to cut it all off she looked patient into the mirror.

She pulled a little bit with her fingers into her hair but gave no comment to it.

Then she looked around, recognized the other customers and hairdressers, looked at her and wanted to say "Hey girl, you are crazy if you cut it off."

"Moaaaaah", she moaned, "you're stuffy and boring! I better cut it off myself!" went quickly out of the salon and the others left perplexed.

She forgot her hair clasps and the hairband, but it didn't matter because in a few minutes it would never be necessary again.

She traveld with the bus to come home again and took a seat on the back side and pulled with her fingers into her hair.

Her tattoo littered arm and the french nails seemed to be  a contrast.

In the next station the shy Max came into the bus. He was not a handsome guy but a very friendly one.

"Hello Jane" he said shyly and looked at her as he wanted to ask "May I sit here?"

"Hi Max. Take a seat and don't stand around!" she said in a commanding tone he needed obviously.

He sat down and looked at her. Her hair was not, as usual, fixed on the sides and in the neck but she wor it loose.

He liked it that way.

"Have you been to the hairdresser? You change your hairstyle. It looks beautyfull." he said as compliment because he didn't know that she is not satisfied with it.

"Just shut up! I don't want to talk about it!" she moaned to him, but she recognized, that he cringed a little bit because he was so very sensible.

"Yes I've been to the hairdresser." she answered his question and smiled.

The shy Max looked down on the floor.

"Do you want to watch a movie at home? I just bought a nice DVD." she suggested and he could listen to his heart beat.

He was surprised about her invitation and her kindness.

The probability to get an invitation of such a pretty girl was 1:1000000.

"Oh yes." he said and did agree.

They exited on the next station, where she lives and went to the block called her home.

It was a typical german 1960ies design, red clinker and white window frames, just simple and low cost rent. A reason for Jane to live here.

Arriving in her apartment, she threw her keys on the table and ask Max to sit down on her couch.

"I just go into the bath room to make my hairstyle. We can go afterwards in a pub or later on in a discothek, if you want to. What do you think?" and went to the bathroom.

"Okay" he said and liked her look on the back.

He could see a part of it not hidden from her top. Her jeans accented her gorgeous figure.

Her tattoo littered left shoulder and arm made her daring. He was impressed of it.

In the bath room she looked into the mirror.

She did a little bit make up with lipstick and eye shadow to look good to go out in the evening. Than she wanted to care about her hair.

Without wast of time she opened the drawer and took the clippers, she didn't need for 18 month, and turned it on. Oh she missed that typical 50Hz sound of it.

With the left hand, she fixed her hair, with the right hand, she runned with the clippers right down the middle.

Her hair in the top was two parted now. The clipped hair fell down on the back side.

Than she runned with the clippers on the left side as she was in a hurry.

A rest of it were still there but she didn't care and continued on the right side and runned over it with the clippers frantically.

Her beautyfull hair was dissected and it looked absurd now.

Than she cut it off in the back, first on the left side and runned with the clippers from the buttom up to the rest of her hair. Her right arm was littered with hair but she didn't care because she didn't want to wait any longer to get rid of it and so they swung with every move of her arm.

Her hair was shorn down to 90% now and she runned with the clippers to the rest of it very hectically.

Then there was only  a few stripes of hair left, she removed now, so finally only faint stubbels left on her beautyfull head.

Her 18 month growed beautyfull hair was shorn in a few minutes.

Now she became more calm, feeling her head with her left hand with a  satisfying smile.

She threw with her hands the hair away, that they fell down on the floor.

She was looking for the shaving foam and the razor.

"Where is it?" she thought and looked around.

She opened the door of her bath room and went into the living room.

Max still sat there on the couch. He was shocked, as her clipper shaved head could be seen and was stunned.

"You .... cut off your  hair." he stuttered.

"So, what?" she said, cool, as it was very normal and railed, because she couldn't find the razor.

She opened the drawers of the cabinet, standing at the wall, and rummaged around with her hands in it hectically. At last she found it.

"Aaaaahhh here it is." was her comment and threw it on the table.

"Can you clean my back from the hair. I can't see it there." she said, laid the razor and the shaving foam in the bath room and returned with a hand brush, turned around with the back to him and handed the brush to him.

He got up slowly, took it and brushed on her back carefully.

"Just do it more! It doesn't matter!" and he did it a little bit more, until there was no hair left.

"Thank you." she said and went to the bath room again, took the shaving foam and pressed on the button and the foam came out with a hiss and she lathered her head with it.

Max came out slowly and looked into the bath room.

He had never seen a woman shaved her head before.

"Why did you... cut it off?" he stuttered.

"Its simply because I want it and I like it that way!" she answered and suddenly it came into her mind, that Max did never seen her bald before, because the know each other since a year.

"It's just my standard look. 18 month ago I was bald headed for a very long time I couldn't even remember the colour of my hair. Unfortunately I had lost a poker game and had to let it grow back again. But it's over now. My head is getting bald today and I'll keep it shaved and that's it!" she told him and started to run with the razor over the head to emphasize her words by doing to remove the stubbles.

First she runned over the right side of her head and than in the middle.

Than she continued on the right temple and do it multiply, because she saw, that there were a few stubbels in resistance and didn't want to fade away.

"Shit! This razor is blunt and doesn't shave it smooth. Please give me a new one." she asked him and he did it.

She continued with the new razor on the back of her head to remove the stubbles there, rinsed her head with water and dried it.

"You looked so beautyfull with ... long hair. Would you let it grow back?" he stuttered and watched her actions.

"Nevermore!" she answered.

"You can take it from the floor for souvenir. There are enough." she said for joke, but he started to get them from the floor with the hand brush and threw it into the trash bin except one.

"I keep this." he said and putted it into a box he found in the trash...

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