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back stories of my barber chair and perm machine and more

I may have written about some of my barbershop/beauty salon furniture/equipment once I brought them home, but since I don't remember, and I'd like to have a record of it, to pass along to the next owner, I thought I'd write about them (again?).

My first barber chair was a maroon colored barber chair, that I guess was from the 1970s.  I no longer have it, as I donated it to the Unique Thrift store in Columbia Heights, MN (where I learned the owner was going to give it to his wife for her salon) when I bought my 1920's Emil J. Paidar barber chair.  

Sadly, since it's been so long ago, I cannot remember the story of that maroon barber chair.

I also used to have a standard black salon chair and a retro 1960's shampoo chair with a head rest.  The first, my sister picked up for me somewhere in Iowa, and the shampoo chair I bought at a barber/salon supply house in St. Paul, MN.  I sold the salon chair on craigslist and the shampoo chair I gave away at a garage sale.

I sold the black salon chair since I received multiple emails saying that people would rather see a barber chair.

When I got rid of those, I bought a 1950's floral salon chair and my current salon station where the shampoo sink is "hidden".

Both the floral salon chair and the vintage salon station, which is probably also from the 1950's, where bought from a house somewhere in Minnesota.  The beauty salon was located in the porch in the back of home, where a metal sign still hung above the door, Helen's Beauty Shop.  The guy who sold me those two items and a wooden sanitizer box told me that his deceased wife had her shop there for twenty-something years.  Since he going into a nursing home, his son was clearing out the house.

The salon chair pictured above smelled heavily of perm solutions. Unfortunately, the chair leaked oil, so I eventually gave it away.

Now before buying the above station, I had another one, and turned the washer tub into the shampoo sink.  This salon station was probably from the 1970s, and it came from the house where I lived for several years.

The beauty salon was in the front porch.  I can no longer remember the name of the salon, but both the husband and wife passed away and the house was sold by their son.  They kept the pink salon hair dryer chairs, but left the station and a lot of other salon products.  I wished that everything would have been kept, but my parents threw everything out. 

That salon was located in southern Minnesota.  The sink was build into the wall, to the right of the door.  On the left of the door was a Budweiser lamp.  It was a nice set up they had.

The salon station had a very heavy metal bar that was built through the station.  I think that I gave this station away at the garage sale as well.


The Speed King portable hair dryer was original pea green and is from the 1930's.  I picked it up at the barber/salon supply shop in St. Paul.  I really ought to go back there and see what other retro goodies they have.

The Bonat chair hair dryer was sold to me by a stylist who retired and sold her salon.  Her shop was in central Minnesota.  I no longer remember the name of her shop.  This chair was from the 1960s.  She threw in a 1960's vinyl salon cape that smelled of perm solution and other beauty salon scents.

I still own this barber chair today, but the off-white color is now white and the material is now black leather.  I bought this and the kiddie chair for it from a couple who were moving, and they didn't have room for it anymore.  I purchased this somewhere in northern Minnesota.  The wife's father had a barber shop and she used to get her hair cut there after school when she was a child.

I purchased my first perm machine at a hair salon in southern Minnesota several years ago.  It came from Franke Beauty and Barber Shop in Blue Earth, Minnesota.  This shop existed in the 1930s and 1940s.  Maybe even longer.  This item came with a ton of salon stuff from this era, including a calender from 1941 that stated the name of this shop.

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