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Haircutting Story: Waste of Time

This is the English version to the previous story that was written in German.

Waste of time
Author, Stefan from Germany

It was a hair salon in a side road in a small town in Germany.


"I can't say that it's very busy here, but it's mine and I don't pay rent for it." said the owner of it, called Kalle, real name Karl. There is a part-time employee, Margit, and a trainee, Naomi, an 18 year old German – African girl in second year of college.


He knows his customers, because they come regularly and they don't want do get a haircut in a "discounter" hair salon in a shopping mall.


He appreciates quality and conversation, and his customers like that.


"I got some experiences and can tell you so many stories, therefore I don't want to miss it, although it's sometimes a hard work to be a hairdresser," as he starts to tell us a story about an experience with a young woman in the same age like Naomi, who visited his salon a few weeks ago.


It was a normal spring day, the sun was shining and people enjoyed it. 


Kalle was not alone in the salon. Margit and Naomi were also there.


An old man waited for his haircut in the waiting area and skimmed through the magazine "Spiegel".  No one else did waiting there.


"So now it's your turn." said Margit and he came up and took place in the chair.


"What kind of haircut are you getting today?" she asked and he describes, that he wanted to be trimmed on the sideburns and in the neck.


The door bell rang  and a girl came in, probably 18 – 19 years old.


She was a gorgeous girl, wore a dark coloured top, so can be seen her breasts and her graceful figure to her blue jeans.


Her height could be appreciated about 5' 4" and a weight about 45kg, but because of her plateau high heels should there be subtracted two inches of it.


She wore dark brown bobbed little bit more than chin length left parted hair, her right eye almost behind a "hair curtain".


For her ears she had creoles with an inch diameter.


In her sweet snub nose she wore a ball closure ring as a septum piercing, made her rebelliousness and daring.


But another freaky attribute was her left arm, littered by Asian tattoos except her elbow.

 She took a seat in the waiting area.


Naomi came out of the tea kitchen and saw this young woman sitting there and waiting.

"Wow, what an awesome tattoo!" said Naomi, wanted to get one, but her German adoptive parents did not agree and she did not want to have trouble because of it.


"Thank you" the girl said and considered about her hairstyle.


"Do you want to get a haircut? So it's about your turn, but Kalle don't have time any more because he is busy. But I can give you a haircut if it is okay for you." Naomi said and wanted the girl to take a seat.


"It's no problem. Just a haircut. Cute and short." the girl answered, went to the chair and took a seat. Her steps can be heard because of the tiled floor and rattled all over the room.


Kalle came out of the kitchen, he listened to the dialog .


"What did you tell her? I'm not busy and have enough time and be able to care about." he said and made a joke.


The girl smiled and her beautiful teeth could be seen.



"So what kind of haircut would you like?" Kalle asked as usual.

She was afraid of that question!


"Hhhmmm just a little bit. I considered about a clipper cut. But I'm not really decided." she said and looked into the mirror.


"What about hair extension? Naomi should learn this. It is expensive but you get it for a standard haircut price, so you can help Naomi get some experience with it.


So you are a human guinea pig to her. Is that okay? If you don't like it, she can cut it anyway." Kalle suggested and hoped she would agree with it.


"Hmmm I wanted to get it short, not long. Whatever!" she agreed. In her countenance can be seen than she thought, that's not her style, but if it is gratis, why not?


Naomi was excited. She wanted to do it with hair weaving procedure to weave the hair extensions in her own hair and can not be seen, if you don't know it. If Naomi is able to do it!

She took about 18 inch hair extensions of the right hair color and showed it to her.


"These are the hair extensions you'll get into your hair." she showed the girl and smiled to her.


"Whatever." she said and was disinterested. Naomi was a little bit disappointed but she looked forward to make hair extensions like Hollywood stars.


She pinned up her upper hair to get a line for the hair extensions and started with the long time procedure the girl commented without words and  no smile.


The old man was finished and left the salon. Margit started with a new customer.


Kalle watched them and checked Naomi how she did it and made some comments, how to do it better.

She was very skilful with her hands. This is why she wanted to be a hairdresser, although you don't earn a lot of money with it.


The hair extensions got in progress and it could be seen, that the girl got very long hair. 18 inch is a lot of hair.


You can pay a lot of money for it, but in this case it's a "guinea pig procedure" and Naomi did it the first time.


She didn't want to go wrong with it and hoped the girl decided to keep it long because she liked it.


Naomi continued to do it carefully and as time goes by, the girl became impatient.


"Have you quite finished?" Her first words in a long while.


"Not yet, I've got to finish it down to your neck to be beautiful." said Naomi and she continued.


The girl looked into the mirror and considered about her hair how it should be and watched Naomi to do the hair extensions and saw her hair getting longer.


After three long hours Naomi finished it, removed the cape and asked the girl to get out of the chair.


The result was beautiful. The hair extensions looked like her real hair.


The girl got a long hair style, not waist long but down to the middle of her back and parted on the left side, like Avril Lavigne, used also to be long haired, but even more beautiful and dark haired.


She looked gorgeous with it and could be a model for shampoo commercials, not to be mentioned, that it was Naomi did it on her.


She looked into the mirror and checked out the result, considered about it can be seen on her body language and face.


"Sorry for the long time be needed for the procedure." Naomi said thankfully to her and she hoped, the girl wanted to keep it long because she liked it.


"Yes indeed it was a long time." the girl said and was bugged and looked unsatisfied while she looked into the mirror again. She was gorgeous.


She put a bold face on it with an evil smile.


"Now I want you to cut it all off. Hurry up!" she said rudely and showed with her hand that she wanted a clipper cut.


Naomi was shocked and disappointed.


"How short do you want it? about 4 inches?"

"Cut it all-up until there is nothing left!" she said with an evil smile and she seemed to know, how sad Naomi was about her decision.


Kalle came out of the kitchen and noticed, that Naomi was very disappointed and sad, because it was a hard work for the hair extensions.


He seemed to be helpless and didn't know how to change the girls decision cut off all that beautiful hair.


Naomi took a clipper out of the charging station and turned it on, and a 50Hz buzzer sound could be listen, but than she turned it off again.


She combed the girls hair to the back side, her hairline in the front can be seen.


"Go for it!" she said impatient and made a gesture with her hand, that Naomi should run with the clippers right down the middle.


She did it with the clippers and started with it in the middle and a stripe is free of hair, only a few stubbles left.


The girl got an evil smile seemed to be amused about Naomi's sadness, to destroy what she had done.


She continued the clipper cut and a new stripe came into the right side of the first one.


The hungry clippers did running over the girls head until the sideburns on the right side left she removed a few seconds later.


Then the clippers did running over the left side and there was only a little bit hair left in the back side. The rest of her beautiful hair.


Naomi removed the rest of it until only a few stubbles left on the girls head.


Three hours hard work for hair extension being destroyed in a few minutes.


What a waste of time.


Naomi was shocked and breathless because it did hurt about.


The girl felt her new hairstyle, the clipper cut with her hands. "Aaaaaaahhhh" she moaned, "lot better!", looked at Naomi and smiled.


She wanted Naomi to shave it smooth to get it real clean.


The trainee took the shaving foam, lathered the girls head and shaved it smooth with a razor, until the gorgeous head was bald not even the faintest peach fuzz left.


She removed the rest shaving foam with a towel behind the ears and in her neck.


Kalle looked at the girl, thinking about she is beautiful even without hair.


She had a great head for it, oval, almost like an African girl.


Naomi removed the hair from the floor around the chair.


Almost 4 hours work done inclusive the head shave, half a workday.


The girl wanted to pay the bill, feeling her bald head and enjoyed it.


"10 Euro" Kalle said and she paid for the head shave.


Then she went to the door, looked at Naomi with an evil smile, a stuck-up gesture and left the salon.


Paralyzed Naomi did standing there with sadness and didn't know what to do.


She tried hard  to do the hair extensions and this girl wanted to shave it all off.


Kalle recognized it, laying his hand on her shoulder and said:

"It doesn't matter. She didn't want it. But I have seen you did a wonderful job.

I think this is most significant, isn't it?"

Naomi did agree.

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