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what's happening in 2008

Since I'm been telling a few individuals this, I figure I'll also just make an announcement here.  (I might have done this already, if so, pardon me for just a minute.)  *smile*  I will be attending a beauty school in the fall.  This way I get my haircutting license, and I can open my beauty shop (private shop as I'm not going to be open for the general public) by appointment only.

Also, here's my plan for my hair this year:  one more permanent wave machine perm, but this time sit under the machine until there's lots of steam.  I do not recommend this for anyone to try as it will fry the hair.  Afterwards, if my hair hasn't broken off, I'll get a tight afro perm.  After that, I'll have my head shaved bald so my hair can regrow fresh and healthy.  I'll stay bald for a few months as I have a couple photographers wanting to work with me when I'm bald, and then I'll grow out my hair again.

Right now I'm working on photo sets.  The photographer who was present for Leah's foam perm, found some photos the other day and sent them over.  Once this set it done, the photo CD will be ready.  There are, I think, 6-7 other sets on there.  They contain both previously published photo sets such as Selena cutting off her waist long braids and shaving her head smooth, and unpublished sets with me dipping my freshly curled hair into lake water.  The latter photos are more artsy -- the way part of the hair stays curled and the other flat dripping wet.  Hair is amazing, isn't it?

Oh, here's a photo from Leah's set:

Just 60+ more photos to work on!

Oh, and I scanned in all my vintage beauty manuals and instructions the other day.  I'm not sure when I'll get to putting them up.  I did try contacting several companies about vintage beauty instructions.  All of the companies no longer have their old documents, not even in their archives.  :(  One company, Duart, was passed onto two other companies!  So it doesn't surprise me that their old stuff is gone.  I tend to lose stuff when I move too!

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