haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

today's video shoot

I didn't mention it earlier, because I was afraid to jinx it, but we had a haircut video shoot today.  We had booked three hair models, but only one could make it.  And we're glad that she did, because she was an absolute doll!

Her name is Bria and she looked stunning with her edgy haircut.  Two capes were used in the beginning - I'm not sure if these capes have ever been shot before.  (I have so many).

We hope to have her back for a bleaching sometime in the future.  I'm going to start capturing the footage to my computer soon.

The stylist for today's shoot was our "giraffe on roller skates" similar to  (Inside joke)

Of course, he's not really a giraffe on roller skates, James is very talented and I'm happy to have him.  :)

I'm now going to clean the salon.

Tags: bria, video shoot

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