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my current hair

When I start to notice a big increase in email asking me what is the current status of my hair, I know it's time to post a photo of me.  I don't always have time to model, although I have promised one photographer that I will model for him every weekend, for 2-3 hours.

My hair is a blonde bob, just barely passed my chin.  My roots are starting to show again, so I'll need to make an appointment with Carmen soon to get them touched up.

I have my nape shaved every two weeks or so.  (If I had it my way, I'd have it done daily, but I just don't have the time).

Today I got to learn about skin care, during my microderm at http://www.angelicskinclinic.com/  I found out that I need to cleanse (Olay) and moisturize my skin twice a day.  The moisturizer (Neutrogena) is to be a SPF 75 sun block.  Doing all this will clear up my acne.  Yay, because it's embarrassing to be 30 years old and still have acne like a teenager. 

Of course, I'm not the only one my age going through this.  So if you are going through something similar, you probably need to start the same skin ritual that I'll be starting tonight.

The microderm made my skin nearly as soft and smooth as the traditional Japanese face shave that I got in Germany a few years back.  Next time that I'm at Angelic Skin Clinic, I'll mention to them to include a face shave with the microderm.

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