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where is all the haircutting at?

I received an email from someone asking why there's no new haircutting videos.  Since I've been told that for every one complaint, there are ten others thinking the same thing, I thought that I better address it here.

Actually, there will *probably* be six new headshaving videos this year.  I only announce videos on the website or yahoo group once I have the footage near my computer.  (I don't want to jinx video shoots that I'm still working/planning!)

Jaclyn's bob will be worked on soon.  This haircutting video is listed under the "coming soon" section on the front page.

There is haircutting in Anneli's Haircut & Style, and in the perm machine perm video too, although in the latter, it's not the dominate feature of the video.

Currently, I'm setting up a shoot for a flat top video.  

All I ask is to please have patience.  I cannot work on the videos any faster when I have to address these emails instead.  For those into haircutting videos, please just check the front page of the website once a month.  In case you miss a video, just click on the "videos" link.  The most recently added video is always at the top.

Of course, if you join the newsletter/yahoo group (link on the website), you'll receive an email everytime a new video is available.   :D

But, there is one reason why my focus has changed from just head shaves and haircuts to perm and roller sets:  awhile back, I've found out that some people were sharing my videos freely around the internet.  Due to lost income (really, money to recoup the cost of the video and/or to afford new models for head shaves), I didn't want to continue to do more.  The modeling fees for head shaving videos cost a lot more than perming and roller sets.  And, as far as I know, no one has been sharing my perm and roller set videos. 

The headshaving videos that will be on the site in the future, will mostly come from my partner, as I am just too disappointed in what some people did to me to make more myself.  I'm sorry to disappoint those honest people who would never do such a thing to my videos, as they are missing out on more fun haircutting videos that would have been available to them. 
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