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head shaving

Because several students in my son's school and class have lice, I decided just to shave my son's head as a safety precaution.  (This was how it was often done in the past anyway).

Also, my son has been battling cradle cap for years.  Olive oil, baby shampoo, special brushes and combs, etc, didn't really work all these years.  For the posts that you read on the internet that say that cradle cap is something a child grows out of after the first year are wrong.  My son is eight years old.

I've shaved many heads, and there has been a few where the head had a rash or was scaly or whatever.  I found that after the clippers exposed this, much to the shavee's embarrassment for having this "unknown" condition, the straight-edge razor shave scrapped all that off and left the head smooth and soft.  Thus the 2nd reason for the razor shave.

I think that after this morning, my son (well, mostly me) won't have to worry about lice, and his cradle cap should be gone for good.  But, of course, I'll keep an eye out for both.

Once my son was out of my barber chair, it was my husband's turn.  I covered him in my sheer white vinyl cape, and then he was clippered down with an Arctic 000000 blade on my Oster 76 Lite.  After a dusting, I marveled at the patterns in his hair and the places where there was none.  Each head is like art.  They are all unique and beautiful.  Then it was time for the hot lather and straight-edge razor shave.  

I cover the head in shaving oil first and let that sit in for ten minutes, and then the shaving cream for five.  I like it best when the blade runs through the stubble like it was cream, just to be whisked away.


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Feb. 21st, 2011 06:59 am (UTC)
Cradle cap? S
Shampooing with ketokonazol, once a week.
Jan. 9th, 2013 10:48 pm (UTC)
head shaving works
After the head shave, having my son shampoo his head nightly while scratching and massaging his scalp, his head has remained cradle cap free.
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