haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

Oster 79 clipper GPS vehicle

After weeks of working on it, the Oster 76 clipper vehicle is finally done.  I've sent it to   where they will host it on their website.  Once they have it up, I'll post again and let everyone know.

Otherwise, if you really can't wait, send me an email with the subject heading "I want that GPS Oster Clippers!" I'll send the .srf file to you.  Please don't ask me how to get it on your GPS though.  See that above mentioned website for instructions.  All the info is there.

The Oster 76 clippers has been already loaded to my GPS, and I will be buzzing through the streets all weekend.  So any email received will be responded to on Monday.  (Or can the iPhone act like a USB stick and hold other documents and files besides movies, audio, and photos?  I guess I'll try it.)
Tags: gps

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