haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

perm machine video is done!

I just finished editing this video a half hour ago.  I'll work on the preview video clip within the next few days.

Currently I'm trying to schedule a Button Curlers wet set video for January sometime.

Once I have my website ready for the perm video, I'll start working on Jaclyn's bob.  It's a fun video, she got to kick off her high heels and got to relax during the cut.

Over the next few days or so, I'll post photos of some of my equipment -- perm machines (someone asked if I could), my freshly painted salon chair, and other goodies.  I also have some 1950's Lilt bottles to put in the "Supplies 4 U" page.

Sometime, when I have time, more likely end of January into February, I'll scan in all my vintage manuals and instruction books and put them on the website.  I'll try to do the same for all the hair ads in my old magazines.

Oh, and tax season is coming up.  ;)  All my papers and receipts are in order (I learned my lesson the first time!), so it's just putting everything into the tax software and then writing checks to MN state and income tax.  

Well, back to rending the perm machine video!
Tags: button curlers, perm machine video

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