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This is an interesting photo, found at http://bytesdaily.blogspot.com/2010/07/art-dalton-getty.html 

The artist is winding the woman's hair in rollers, but she's a statue. 

J. sent me a link to a product review on Nair.  http://www.stylelist.com/2011/02/02/nair-hair-removal-cream/

Looks like Nair has improved.  I remember using it when I was younger and the cream was pink and smelled like cucumbers.

Carmen and I were talking last night.  She's decided to turn her shop into a welcoming place for those in the hair community.  (She's always had various clients such as men wanting the feminine experience).  She is looking into putting up curtains in front of her shop for privacy, and she is thinking up a new name for her shop - Fantasy Hair, or something like that.  I will definitely have to learn how to do perm and roller sets.  I will bring down my cosmetology head and practice during the week.  If there is interest, I can have my webcam film me and put it on youtube.

In other news, my computer failed rendering last night, so I'm rendering the last of the VODs for the Kat's Hair Conditioning and Roller Set video.  I'm not liking the 3CCD footage quality, so I'm going to ask my tech guy how low I can price this video in regards to the bandwidth and storage usage.  The other two cameras were HD, so those look great.  I now know not to mix different formats together.

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