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how my videos compare

Someone asked me how I price my videos, compared to other websites that offer similar content.  So here is an easy guide:

1.     Look at how many minutes/hours you are getting.  
2.     There is a cost difference between wet roller sets and perms done with real perm solutions.
3.     Look at the screen size of the VOD that is being offered.
4.     Is the video done at home, salon, barbershop, or hotel room?
5.     How many cameras are used?
6.     Are the women models or every day women?
7.     Is shipping included in price or is it additional?
8.     Is the price in US dollars or Euros?  If you are from the US, a 20 Euro video would actually cost you   
        $29.43  (see for exchange rates)
9.     Video quality -- shakiness, bad/good lighting, smooth transitions, etc
10.   Make sure you are comparing DVD to DVD and VOD to VOD.  DVDs give better quality than CDs.

I have seen haircutting/head shaving videos up to $65.00 and perming videos up to 45 Euro ($66.21).

I think my prices are fair, considering everything mentioned above.  I did price them at what I've had people tell me I should price them at.  For those who have ordered and seen my videos, I'll ask you, are my prices fair? 
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