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The first hair model was a no-show today.  So while waiting for the next hair model to arrive, I had my husband sit in my barber chair for a haircut.  (His hair has been looking shaggy for awhile now, and since I'm feeling so much better, I thought that this was a perfect time).

I covered him with a silver cape, snapped on a #4 guard on my Osters 76 and went to work, piling up his hair onto the cape and floor. 

Then I flicked off the clippers, snapped off the guard, blew the blades, and snapped the #2 guard on to do his sides and back. 

If I knew how to give him a flat top, I would have done that.  :)  I'll talk him into letting me try that this summer, because if I go too short, it'll be fine.  Right now in winter, brrr! 

The second hair model was a gal whom has had her hair cut by us for a video before.  Elizabeth.  Last time she got a pixie cut.  This time she got a haircut similar to the actress, Fairuza Balk.

Photo of Balk here:

But Elizabeth didn't go that short around her head.  I believe she did go a quarter of an inch.  Something like that.  Still short, but not a 000 blade or so.

A yellow vinyl cape was draped on her.

The third hair model was Tifanee Marie.  She is a professional model.  Her modeling profile can be found at

Maybe within the next few weeks, she'll be posting new photos of herself, rocking her awesome hairstyle.

Anyway, she received a bit more than an undershave.  Kinda a partial mohawk, cut on one side and then cut in half.  And the length cut off of it too.  Really cool watching the ponytail (after the undershave was done) be clippered off slowly around the edges until it all came off in the stylist's hand.

Tifanee has a head tattoo of some leopard spots.  They are a bit red in color...which matches her hair color perfectly. 

She had a blue vinyl cape. 

Now I'm off to check the footage and then to put my cameras away.  Because Tifanee conditioned her hair extremely well, sweeping it up was difficult.  I had to mop the floor twice to get nearly all of it cleaned up!
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