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editing and webcam

I didn't get a chance to edit Samantha's haircut today.  I did work on it some yesterday, and got to the 25 minute mark.  I'll try to have it available for purchase next Friday.

Today I got to chat with Carmen at her salon today.  I had a lot of fun, trying out an egg shampoo that I made. 

I need to check my schedule and set up a time with her to have my hair touched up.  My roots are very much showing.  They are exactly 1" long. 

As always, when I get a touch up at Carmen's salon, anyone is welcome to stop in and chat with me.  There's no sitting fee or whatever.  If you want to have Carmen do your hair afterwords, that's fine.  Otherwise, just enjoy the atmosphere.

Since I like to use these times to relax, I don't video tape them.  I would, however, love to web cam it.  I believe that I mentioned this before.  Carmen's shop does not have wi-fi, but I do have the iPhone 3g.  So if I could find a web cam app, I would webcam my hair being done at Carmen's....or even when I'm in other countries/states having my hair done.  :)

So if anyone comes across such an app for the iPhone, please let me know.

Someone mentioned about buying a wi-fi hot spot device.  I chatted with someone who knows more about this stuff than me and found out that AT&T, whom I'm with, doesn't allow tethering with the iPhone.  Otherwise, I would have did something with my lap top, since I do have a HD web cam now.  Maybe a hot spot wi-fi device exists that doesn't require any monthly service contract?  (I just don't think that I'd use this device enough to make it worth the price paid for it + the monthly fee).

Well, something to hope for.  It is a new year after all.  Technology is awesome. 

Oh, before I forget, I will be filming (hopefully) three models getting their haircut tomorrow.  Since I'm still a bit sore from surgery, and I don't know the exact times these gals will be here, I won't set up the web cam this time.  I will next time, as I should be completely healed.  (The doctor said that in three weeks, I should be able to continue my regular activities.)

I'll post about the video shoot by tomorrow night. 


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Jan. 7th, 2011 01:21 pm (UTC)
Hot Spots
All the MiFi hot spots I know of are from major vendors like Sprint (3G and 4G) or Verizon 3G soon to be 4G). They all require a data plan, probably around $60/month. Sprint's is unlimited 4G and 5GB/Mo 3G. I suspect you can get 4G on that side of Minneapolis.

There are some devices where you can plug a standard USB "Air Card" into a USB port and create the equivalent of a MiFi, but you are still looking at a data plan of some sort.

Maybe one of your friends have one they could bring. Clearly the easiest way to do this is with a laptop. Trying to connect a wireless webcam directly to a MiFi is a little complicated.

Jan. 7th, 2011 02:38 pm (UTC)
Re: Hot Spots
Thanks for the info.

I'll ask my friends to see if any one of them have a hot spot device.

Thanks again!
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