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old western with a perm machine in use

I've received a letter from James the other day, telling me that back in the 1960's he saw an episode of The Gene Autry Show, in which a new beauty salon came to town.  The owner of the beauty salon gave a cowboy a perm with the perm machine.  

Now I've managed to track down the year and the name of the episode, well, there's two episodes that are possibilities for the one mentioned above.  They are "Return of Maverick Dan" (1951) and "Rio Renegades" (1953).  I've tried finding these two episodes without success, and have contacted several people in hopes of getting a copy. 

Either way, I hope this info is useful to you, and maybe, one day these videos will be released to the public on DVD.  :)

One another note, I bought a couple packages of Button Curlers per James's request to see them used in a video.  Button Curlers were made back in the 1950's as a comfortable way for women to sleep with curlers in their hair.  Button Curlers were generally pink in color, while I've seen them also in a sea-greenish color.  They are made of rubber and once the hair has been wrapped around the Button Curlers, the rubber was folded over.  The resulting hairstyle, once the Button Curlers were removed, are cute pincurls.

Tags: button curlers, men's perm, perm machine, pincurls

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