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instructions for tint rinse, photo of me, face shave video clip

If you're one of the lucky ones who own vintage jars of hair tint rinses, you may not have the instructions on how to use it.  Although I'm sure that many who own old product stock keep it nicely sitting on the shelf, I, for one, am curious to try it out.  Of course I should warn that any old hair product may not work or may even damage the hair.  But for nostalga sake, here's the tint rinse directions:

Rinse hair free from shampoo.  Dissolve ONE SPOON OF NU-GLOSS (or any brand unless they have directions that tell you otherwise) into one and one-half pints of WARM water.  Pour solution with a cup over hair back and forth SEVERAL times.  DO NOT rinse with clear water after application.  PAT DRY.  Don't Rub.

These instructions come from the Nu-Gloss Company's hair Tint Rinse from 1940.  Supposedly one 3 oz container of this stuff provided over 40 applications.  (Try getting this kind of quantity with a product today. *smile*)

Changing topics, here's a photo I pulled from the traditional German wind-up video that I'll be working on in a couple weeks:

(Remember, all photos are clickable, and will open larger).

BTW, I uploaded a teaser clip of the Japanese face shave this morning.  Click on the url to see the video clip.  The complete video will be available on the website starting tomorrow (Friday, July 13th...oh, wow, Friday the 13th!  I love those days!)

And before I forget, the high-collar buttoned blouses worn for this video and for the German windup video are available for sale, $10 each.  I'll put these shirts on the website maybe over the weekend.

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