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lemon juice can be harmful to your hair

I remember using lemon juice on my hair (and freckles) when I was younger. So when I read this:

My most embarrassing salon moment has to be when I was straight out of beauty school. I was giving my boss’s client (who was on maternity leave) a perm. I followed the client record card to a T. When I was rinsing the perm solution, all the rods fell out with her bangs still attached! It was right down to the scalp. I left her in the sink and went out to get my boss who just so happened to be visiting the salon that day. I thought I was going to get reamed out. Instead she yelled at the client! “What did you do to your hair?” she asked. Come to find out the woman spent the entire summer in Florida and used lemon juice on her hair every day. The client was fine with the mishap and left with no problems.
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I thought two things:  1.) I thought hair coming off with the perm rod was a myth  and  2.) I'm never using lemon juice on my head again.

Has anybody else experienced something similar?
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