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perm machine video update

Since my kid played at the neighbors for most of the day yesterday, I was able to get an hour of the perm video video done.  I'm working with three camera angles, so 1 hours means that I went through 3 hours of footage at least a couple of times.  (I want to make sure I get the best shots from each).

I'm surprised that my hair is still pink!  It seems that it faded to a point and now it says, "I rather like this color and I'm going to stick with it."  It wouldn't be so bad if my roots could automatically take that color too!  lol

I have an idea for a documentary, and I've been thinking about it for the past few days.  I'm not sure if I'll get to it, but I would love to do it.  I'd like to interview former beauty operators and see if I can capture their knowlege and skill on video.  I've got some old tools that I'm not sure if any stylist today knows how to handle.  Anyway, it's definately something for me to think about.

Now I wonder how to get a copy of this.  In the September 17th, 1945 issue of Life magazine, on page 129, is an ad for "The New March of Time 'American Beauty'".  It was produced by the editors of Time and Life.  It shows the "rituals and tortures women go through to look beautiful."  There are several salon scene photos pictured in this ad...which says are from inside of "Fifth Avenue's swankiest salons."  This video was released by 20th Century-Fox.

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