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dryer, before and after

 Here's my Speed-King portable hair dryer:

Now here it is after I painted it:

Sorry, bad lighting.  The color is chrome silver, to match the Silver Queen perm machine, which is made from chrome.  Back in the 1940's, chrome was all the rage, as it helped give a futuristic spacy look.   

I've been keeping busy; haven't had a chance to edit more on the perm machine video, but I hope to soon, once I can persude my cat to move away from my video computer!  (you'd think that because it's winter, that they wouldn't be shedding.)

Last night I created a "community" page on the website to show what we are doing to support the community.

After reading John M.'s story, I tried looking up an Eugene perm machine, and found this great link:

It features women's hairstyles of the 1900's - 1950's.  A woman gives a first-hand account of having her hair permed with a Eugene perm machine too.

Yesterday, I did finally buy a tube of Brylcreem and a bottle of Tres Flores Brilliantine.  I had someone telling me that I should really have these two items in my shop.  Sally's Beauty and other beauty supply places don't carry these products.  The only place were I found them was at Walgreens.  Walgreens does have a website, and for those interested, you can also buy these there:

Now I just need to find a vintage container for the Brylcreem as the tube is too modern looking to sit on my station.  :)

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