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another hair appointment

This morning I'll be going to Carmen's salon once again, but this time the hairstyle will be worn tonight at the movie premiere at the Mall of America.  The practice run on Monday went good.  A bit of fingerwaves were first done, but after that look, which left me looking very cute and adorable, she tried pincurls and small rollers.  (I want an elegant look, no cuteness!)  A pink gem hair piece was then added into my hair.

Although I would have liked to have worn my hair in the total 1920s fingerwaves fashion, the 2nd style Carmen did was very lovely, and will work with that hair piece much better, which matches the dress perfectly. 

I'm sure that plenty of photos will be taken at the premiere.  I'll post a couple when I get them.  I'm sure though, that many will be posted by others, with me being tagged, on my personal Facebook page.

This morning Greg told me that the newest Peanuts comic strip is about barbers once again.  I never knew that Charlie Brown's dad was a barber.

direct link  http://comics.com/peanuts/2010-11-17/

In other news, I brought the third hour of Kat's Bleach and Extreme Bob Haircut into CS5 last night.  It looks like a more than an hour of trying to get that bob haircut right.  Lots of clippering and me urging Carmen to go shorter.  I hope to start editing it tomorrow.


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