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I'm one hour and 25 minutes into Kat's Bleach and Extreme Bob Haircut.  Because of the bleaching and processing times, I think I'll separate the video into two.  Here's a photo of the bleach being washed out:

Of course, this photo has been posted on the HCF Facebook page, and I'll continue to post preview photos and preview clips there too.

Remember the spiral perm video that I shot of Giselle a year or two (or more!) ago?  Today she was back and this time she wanted a haircut.  After the shoulder length haircut, she asked for a chin length cut.  After that, she asked for a boy's haircut.  I lost track of how many capesthat  were used (individually).  I think three or four, or possibly five?  I have already thrown the capes in the wash.

Her hair was also colored a deeper brunette.

As she was leaving, I snapped a photo of her with my iPhone.  She had her hair slicked back for the final style.  She looked so hot with her leather jacket.  (Also, I did her makeup a little bit).  I'll post the photo tomorrow...or maybe tonight if I can find some time.

Other stuff -

I've changed my mind about the movie premiere.  I had thought about wearing a wig, but decided to have Carmen touch up my roots and to style my hair instead.  I want something closer to my head, and with bangs.  Also, I want a 1920s/1930s hairstyle, as I feel that it will match my dress (which no one else but me has seen!) best.  Anyone have any photo suggestions?  My hair currently has bangs and it is chin length.

I have a 1920s/1930s hairstyling book, somewhere, so I'll be looking for a style too.

Now, this wouldn't be a blog entry without listing links that others have sent me.  :)

Thank you, Eric, for giving the link to Delphine Chaneacs' head shave video

Someone had posted this video in the comments area earlier, but I forgot to update my post with it.

Thank you, Steve, for sending me videos of a steam perm
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