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my perm machines

A few people now have asked me about my perm machines.  Although I'm sure I've written about them in the journal already, on the website, or in the yahoo group, I will re-write about them again as I don't quite remember where exactly I wrote about them before.

I used to have four perm machines.  I think three of the four can be found in the "equipment" folder in the yahoo group (for the yahoo group, see the "newsletter" link in the menu on the website).  The portable perm machine that was contained within a wooden chest was donated to the Goodwill awhile back.  I included a set of Rilling rods and spacers.

The Rilling Deluxe Model C was scrapped out and recycled.  The few usable plugs, wires, and clamps are now hooked up to the Gabrieleen Silver Queen.  The Silver Queen is from the 1940's, and was the machine used in the perm machine video that I'm working on now (I have six minutes of this video edited).  This machine is complete.

The first perm machine that I bought, a Gabrieleen model 88 has Duart clamps.  This one is probably from the 1930's.  It is now complete as I bought new plugs and used some of the wires and clamps from the Rilling, but I can't get all the clamps to heat up.  So this machine is just sitting.  A photo of me dressed as a beauty operator next to this machine can be seen in the photo on the front page of the yahoo group.

Several people have asked if they could be permed with my perm machine.  I would like to say yes, but there is a slight problem.  Since I am not a licensed stylist, I would have to hire a stylist (like I usually do for my films).  I will go for my license next year.  The other problem is that we haven't found a modern solution for this vintage machine yet.  In the perm machine video, we used a vintage 1930's/1940's perm solution.  I don't really have any more of this solution left.  I do have a little bit left that I hope to have analyzed.

I do have a perm solution that is for heated clamps (it is made for the digital perm machines found in Asian countries) that we used for the uniperm video.  But as we don't know if this solution would work or not, our next model/client would have to sign a waiver stating more or less that they would be a test subject.

For those interested in having a perm machine perm done, I'd suggest talking with Carmen and paying her directly (she has experience with perm machines).  I would charge a small fee for usage of my salon studio.
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