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hair fun

Today, I'm getting my hair retouched with bleach and a roller set at Carmen's Salon in Columbia Heights this morning.  If you'd like to watch or join me, my appointment is at 9 am and lasts until however long it takes.  I am NOT filming this as I have no time to.  This hair appointment is so that I look sensational at tonite's movie premiere of

I will be wearing a long, black velvet gown, and I will be wearing my zombie contact lenses.  

Although I had my husband shave my nape the other day, I'll have Carmen touch it up today.

This morning, my son woke me up at 6 am to color his hair black.  He wants to be Harry Potter this year and today his school is having a Halloween party.  Thankfully I know how to tie a tie!

Have a wonderful Halloween/Samhain weekend everyone!
Tags: holiday, my hair adventures

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