haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

rollers and haircuts

On Friday, I received two Oster Progienic, Model 10 electric clippers.  (I believe that these are from the 1950's, right?)  I will leave one at Mistress Lotus' dungeon, and the other one I'll leave here.  I hope to use it in a video where everyone is wearing vinyl, and a vinyl cape is used.

Currently, I'm cleaning the clippers.  Both were well used, but still work!

Since yesterday was a lovely, warm fall day, I had both my husband and son outside to have their haircuts.  If I would have had the Progienics cleaned already,  I would have tested them out thoroughly.  Instead I used the 76's with guards.

Steve sent me a couple of links to roller photos.  Thanks, Steve!

Under the dryer and in a head scarf.  Very nice times.
Tags: my hair adventures, oster progienic clippers, rollers
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