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Once my computer is working again, I'll be posting a few photos that I've shot with my iPhone.  For today, I'll be working on the Kat's Bleach, Haircut, and Roller Set video.  I was working on Blue Sky's haircut video, but my video computer isn't fast enough to keep up.  (Her video was shot using an HD camcorder).  I am having a more powerful computer built for me.

Here's a bunch of links that Steve has been sending me for the past week.  Thanks, Steve!

Someone patented a way to make perms less smelly

Guy comb-out

Roller set with toilet paper rollers

A fantastic vintage hairstyling group on multiply.  It's free to join:

Also, I've been asked many times, which perm has the strongest odor.  Since I really don't have a sense of smell, it's hard for me to tell.  Luckily, Steve has lots of wonderful experiences and excellent knowledge, so he was able to tell me, "Avec alkaline perm [has the strongest odor that lasts for days]. Curlylocks alkaline is strong, and Wella soft and lasting.The stronger the smell the tighter the perm.  Acid perms don't smell so much and are weaker."
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