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It's come to my attention that there have been people in the chat room offering to trade and/or sell VODs.  This is very wrong.  This person doesn't trade his single copy, but makes copies of other video producers videos and sells those.  Please note that this hurts the video producers who spend a lot of money to make videos, but don't make much (basically just to cover their expenses) in return.  If video producers can no longer afford the models, the barber/stylist, location fee, equipment, bandwidth/server costs, website maintenance, etc., there will be no new videos from these video producers.

Anyone who claims that they can make a video cheaply and who wants to give the video that they made away, please do try!  Maybe then that person will realize the true cost of making videos.

If the chat room continues to have problems, it will just be deleted from the HCF site. 

Anyone found to be buying my videos, just to resell them, will be forever banned from my website.

If you have been messaged by a person who is offering to resell my VODs, please forward me their message.  Thank you!
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