haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

Anneli's Afro Perm is now available

There's 21 preview photos, description, and a preview video available, so you can see how much fun Anneli had with getting an afro perm.  She was a bit doubtful at the style at times, but at the end, she loved her new look.

The stylist had her hair done up in curlers and wore a hairnet to help keep everything in place.

This video is a bit over 3 hours long.

The direct link is

I'll be working on making a separate video of her haircut for those who only work with haircutting only.  That will hopefully be up later in the  week.


In other news, I finished painting my Speed-King hairdryer this morning.  A chrome silver now replaces the sea green color.  I'll take a photo or two shortly.

Oh, and yesterday I purchased a couple more ties -- a maroon one and a brown one.

Tags: afro perm, anneli, curlers, hair dryer, haircutting, speed-king, ties

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