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Today I shot a video in Carmen's Beauty Salon where I had my hair conditioned.  Because I'm going out tonight dressed very nicely, Carmen surprised me by setting my hair in rollers.  The resulting style - amazing!  I was quite surprised that my big, vintage hair is ALL my own hair!

I'lll post a few photos when I have a bit more time.

Other stuff:

Paul informed me, "Busy Scissors   video game for the Nintendo Wii & DS is available October 2010 ."  So if you ever wanted to cut hair anywhere, there's that game for you.  (Thanks, Paul!)

Pep sent me a music video that takes place in hair salon.  It's by UFO Yepha and it's called Op med håret.  (Thanks, Pep!)

Steve sent me this video of a man in drag in rollers.  Thanks!

Tags: men in rollers, music video, my hair adventures, product

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