haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

a great place to buy shoes

It's no secret that I love shoes and boots.  Fashion is so much fun, whether it's with hair or clothing.  (Although, hair is my fav too).

Today I stopped by Amore Shoes on 1549 University Ave in St. Paul, to see if I could find a sexy pair of red high heel shoes.  I found them and a couple more too.  ALL shoes are 50% for the next couple of days, so I highly suggest going in.  They got classic to the unusual, and they don't jack up the prices for a sale.  All three pairs of shoes you see below, I got for a total of $45 for all.  (Heck, the red pair alone sell for at least $45 at other stores).

This place has a website, but it only consists of a front page:

Tags: amore shoes, high heels, photos

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