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Several people have asked about preview photos of Anneli's Afro Perm video.  I just grabbed 20 photos from this video, which now need the website's logo.  I do have preview photos of this video scattered in this blog, you just have to search.  Look to the right of this entry, and you'll see other boxes marked "Page Summary" and "Tags."  Every entry I write, I tag it with key words.  So look for and click on "afro perm", "anneli", "photos" and you'll find photos and information about this video.

Once I have all the photos ready, I'll post the direct link to that page here.  It's kind of special because only those who read this blog  will know about it first, before anyone else since this video doesn't go on sale until Tuesday.  (Or usually late Monday night for those in the USA).

This video turned out very well.  I'm sure everyone will be pleased.  Anneli is so adorable and Carmen looked fantastic too in her outfit & curlers.

I'll finish attaching the logo tonight, but since I'm rather tired from shoveling snow today and tonight (we're being hammered by a snow storm), I'll get to making photo thumbs, uploading photos, writing up the webpages for this video, uploading pages, and making the teaser tomorrow.  

Also, for those who only prefer haircuts, I'll be making a separate DVD and VOD of her haircut.  Her afro perm video is over 3 hours long.  Her haircutting and hairstyling video will be over an hour, I believe.  My film computer is burning a DVD of part of this video for safe keeping, as I do with all my data (after having a computer crash several times, you learn to copy data to DVDs.  *smile*).  So since it's busy, I can't look to see the exact duration.

Well, back to work for me!
Tags: afro perm, anneli, carmen, curlers, haircut, how to, instructions

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