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new tools

Here are my newest tools that I've purchased:

A curling iron by Marcel Waver Co. in Cincinnati, Ohio, circa 1920s? or 1930's?  It says Subpedo on the screw-like thingie.  The c-shaped piece sticking out is for the stylist's finger to move the Subpedo in and out.  

For some odd reason, this iron as 42 Watts   110 volts  written on it.  It doesn't plug in, so...why the electrical info?  I think this iron was placed upon a hot stove, correct?

I would love to learn how to use this thing.

Next, I bought a 1930's Speed King hair dryer, model number SK2:

It does work on both the hot and cold settings.  The dials turn to the left.  This dryer was made by The Charles Arnao Company in Minneapolis, Minn. and uses 100 volts.

I will be cleaning it, trying to pull out a couple dents, and then painting it silver.  (I hate the pea green color).

Oh, and here's a photo of what the pipe cleaner-like perm will look like once the hair has been wound:

Since this cold wave perm kit is so old, I'll have this done to myself.  I just need to find a stylist or someone willing to do such a perm.  It may be hard to believe, but most stylists don't want to do perm with tiny rods or anything similar.  :(

Tags: hair dryer, marcel wave iron, pipe cleaner perm

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