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Since people ask me about my own hair and my husband's from time to time, I'll just do a quick update to say that I gave my husband his last summer haircut for the year, earlier today.  The haircut was down outdoors near the garden, so we could enjoy the nice weather and so that the hair clippings will keep the pests away from the vegetables.

Using the Osters clippers, I have him a #3 guard clippering on top, and a #2 on the back and sides.  I'm not sure why Osters even bothers having an "Artic" line of clippers.  Honesty, I cannot tell the difference between them and their standard #000000 blade.  (Both heat up at about the same time, in my opinon).

As for own hair, I will have to have the roots re-touched and a SMALL trim in a couple weeks, so that my hair will match the same color and length for the horror film that I'm starring in.
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