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I'm ten minutes into Jessica and Haydens video.  I hope to continue editing the video next week.  I'll post a preview photo or two next week.

Yesterday, I stopped in one of my favorite thrift stores.  They are known for having vintage clothing at very reasonable prices.  I saw two lovely outfits from the 1960s.  I bought them without trying them on, because I figure that if they don't fit me, they'll fit one of my models/actresses.  At home, I tried them on, and wow, they fit perfectly.  Now I'm looking for a large, blonde afro wig.  eBay, here I come!

All my camera gear has been set out.  I need to re-charge all the batteries though.  Tomorrow, I will be shooting a video, on location.  I can't give any more detail than that right now, as I don't want to jinx it.  This video has been a nightmare for scheduling and casting.  It'll be the last one shot with my current cameras.  After tomorrow's shoot, I'm selling off all my Canon GL2 cameras and equipment.
Tags: jessica and hayden, video shoot, vintage clothing

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