haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

hair in the news

Women golfers don't need pockets if they have hair

Women politicians hair

Donated hair not used in Gulf oil spill (probably because it's not expensive enough for the government)

Hair Showcase in Fort Pierce, Florida

Tips on growing healthy hair

Perms are popular again

Hair braiders in Illinois can braid without a license

Disney's Tangled poster looks similar to the Broadway Hair poster

1880's Hair Show in Vietnam

Small Hair Donation

Gunfire at beauty salon

Lindsay Lohan gets to keep her hair extensions while in jail

Woman shaves her head to support cancer survivors

Cat Deeley, new Pantene model

Nuns out to teach women beauty classes and more

Head Lice Shampoo isn't that effective

Shampoo not good for trains

Stop using Head & Shoulders shampoo for now

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