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to the gal who wrote to me

A gal wrote to me on Facebook, but has deleted her account before I could respond to her message.  Unfortunately I have no other way of contacting her, so I will post the email here, so that I can answer the question that she had.

I wanted to thank you because you are one of the reasons i began to like the idea of a shaved head so eventho you dont know me thanks it was very liberating lol. I also have a question I know that you have shaved your eyebrows a couple times how long does it take for them to grow back in?

You're welcome.  A lot of women have confessed to me, when I tell them how often that I used to shave my head, that they have always wished to try it.  I am very happy that you got to experience this. 

Healthy hair is always growing.  I believe that my eyebrows were fully back within a month or two.  And no, they didn't grow back funny, darker, thicker, or whatever else the common myth is.  :)

Shaving the eyebrows was considered very sexy in France long time ago.  Women still shave their eyebrows to pencil them in instead.  Some go a step further and have them lasered off and then have them tattooed in.

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