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cartoon and videos

This hair-themed cartoon was sent in by Paul.  Thanks, Paul!

The above cartoon is called This Life, by Rick Brookes.  This panel is from June 1st, 2010.

Now for some more things that people have sent to me.

A haircut and perming video, in Russian (?), on youtube.  Thanks, Steve!

Pep says to check out the nice cape in this hair trim video

and starting at 1.47 on

Oh, I just found another email from Steve.  (I have so many that I have yet to go through).  I'm just going to copy and paste this email here:

Linda Kay hairdo

So nice!

Big hair again

Could be a wig


I thought that today was the video shoot day, but since no one showed, I guess it's tomorrow.  (My calendar is a bit messy from things being re-arranged so often.  This month is a busy month!)

So I am working on getting Danielle's, Urshi's, and Minka's videos up for tomorrow. 
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