haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

yesterday´s photo shoot

Yesterday, I had a photo shoot with  For the first set, I showed off my latest, very attractive hairstyle, in a black baby doll dress.  Afterwards I donned on an extremely long wig of blond human hair, gothed up my makeup, and had a faux leather corset pulled tightly.  With the sky being overcast, it made for some very lovely and awesome photos.  The photographer sais that some of the photos should be on his website in about a week.

Some background information about the blond wig:  The hair came from one of his models who was tired of fighting with her hair when she played sports.  So he photographed her before, and after her haircut.  Her hair was knee-length, and she had it cut at the shouldars.  Her friend, a hair stylist, had put it into a ponytail and somehow managed to cut it all off in one snip.  (She must be doing this often!)

The photographer bought the hair to make it into a wig (cost for that, for those curious, is about 500-600 Euro.  Probably similar to $500-$600 in the States) for future models to wear during shoots. 

I think that`s a fanastic idea.  It`s always great to recycle and know the story behind something.  :)
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