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roller photos and my haircut

Thank you, Steve, for the following links to roller photos, haircutting photos, and video:

of Katrina Darling

Steve says to "click the challenge video link to see training."  There are also hair cutting and styling photos near the bottom of this page, as well as nice before and afters and the style that the stylists had to re-create.

The above comes from a German tv show called Top Cut, which is a salon reality tv show.

Tomorrow I have a photo shoot, and because of this, I wanted to have my hair trimmed and the back shaved a bit.  Yesterday, I visited one salon that had modern barber chairs, but the stylist was too busy to do my hair.  So today, I had my husband trim my hair a bit, take up the back an inch higher, and shave my nape and the back.  I have maybe two inches of hair, from the top of my head, down in back.  The bob looks awesome.  I am sure that the photographer will do a great job with the photos and will put them on his website for all to see.

Also, here in Germany, I found a pink salon apron with brown trim, and a couple elegant tie blouses, which I`ll have the models wear for a future video.
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