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starting a blog

I thought that starting a blog for this site would be a good idea for those wanting to know how I go about creating videos. The newsletter is also quite handy for updates as well, but I here I can write more often.

As many of you know, I am in northern Germany, near Hannover. Because of this, my internet access is limited and I am unable to send out DVDs. All DVD orders will resume again on July 1st.

While I am in Germany, I filmed my hair being done up for the wedding. The bridal makeup was filmed as well.

I hope to film myself receiving a relaxing face shave on Monday, and a traditional German perm windup on Tuesday.

When I was in Amsterdam, I peeked in a couple of salons with my camera and will be uploading that footage to youtube sometime in the upcoming months.

This morning I was tempted to cut off some of my hair. I think a bob would be perfect for the hot weather we are having here. My bangs are just below the tops of my ears, and most of my hair is a bit past chin length. The hair in the back is brushing my shouldars. But...I promised not to cut my hair until after the afro perm video later this year.

I found a cute yellow & white striped skirt today and a white office blouse. I´ll wear them for the perm on Tuesday. :)
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