haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

Rachel Uchitel in a salon

Rachel wearing a cape, having her hair done (getting extensions) at a salon:

I have been in Northern Germany for a few days now.  It would cost a small fortune to take calls and use it for internet, so my iPhone is just a camera until I am back in the States. 

Because of the World Cup, there are the German flag colors everywhere, which is very nice to see.  Wigs of stacked colors black, yellow, and red are being sold in many stores.  Too bad these wigs are only sold in clown-wig style.  Otherwise, I would buy and wear one.  :)

This upcoming week, I hope to do some clothes shopping.  I am eager to see what is in fashion here in Hannover.
Tags: celebrities, germany, rachel uchitel, tmz

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