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new scents

For the past couple of days, my mock salon smelled of vinegar.  Today, my kitchen smells of WD-40.  When restoring old salon equipment and tools, I recommend a can of WD-40.  My preference is the smaller, "travel-sized" can as it fits nicer in my hand.  Nearly half of my spacers needed oil so they can move freely; the stylist who will be working with the spacers will appreciate my efforts.  :D

The other two things I recommend is gloves and rags.  The joints of the spacers can pinch and rags are good to keep the rust and excess oil from staining your work area.  Luckily, only a couple of people will see me in my red-sploshed pajamas, and no one will notice an extra spot or two on my leopard-print bath towel.  lol

Cutting your fingernails before beginning such a task will also save on the damage to your own skin as you force joints open and close to lube them.  

Tags: cleaning, repair, spacers

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