haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

keeping busy

I've been keeping busy.  I just finished creating the DVD face artwork for A Fire Fighter's Duty.  I'll make the DVD jacket and poster this upcoming week.  I need all this so this video can be sold on  :)

I also plan on (hopefully) finishing the basic editing of Kristine's haircut video by the end of the week too. 

Once I get AFFD, Kristine's video, and Escape done, Emily's thinning shears to baldness will be edited next.  

I hope to get my large pile of miniDv's down, so I can start shooting again.  Also, I'll have to seriously look into buying new video cameras.  One has bad/no sound (which I can take care of in post by using a different camera's audio) and the other doesn't always capture correctly.  I've been waiting for a camera that uses cards to their full ability and not in 12- minute increments.

I will be switching over to HD when I do upgrade.  Then I'll have to upgrade to Adobe CS5 so I can work with raw HD files easily, in their natural format.

Since the flat top video of Pepper was popular, I've decided to continue that route for awhile, when I start shooting again.  There's two totally awesome barber shops that I want to film in.  I hope that I can! 
Tags: pepper, update, video editing

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